Harmony Installation Instructions

Your vendor management company may require that you complete a small technology installation that provides electronic forms used to complete assignments you are given. The installation takes only a few minutes and needs to be performed only once on each computer that you expect to use to complete forms.

There is most likely a link to the installation from your vendor management company’s vendor portal, the website you use to accept orders, update status information, and complete assignments. You can also visit the installation page directly at https://providers.clearvalueconsulting.com/harmony/setup/publish.aspx. (The installation may require that you use Internet Explorer as your browser.)

The installation page is shown below.

Harmony Installation Page

From this initial install page, click on the Install button that appears toward the bottom. This will ensure that all necessary software components are installed. After clicking the button, a small dialog box will appear. Click on the Run button to start the installation.

File Download Dialog

Depending on your browser version, you may receive a security warning asking you to verify that you wish to proceed with the installation of software downloaded from the Internet. If a security warning appears similar to the example below, click on the Run button.

Verifying Publisher Dialog

At this point, the installation will begin. You will see a small window appear that confirms the installation is proceeding, and that it may take a few moments.

Application Launch Dialog

You may receive another security warning, similar to the first. This one provides additional information about the application. You may safely click on the Install button to proceed.

Confirming Publisher Dialog

A progress bar should appear that keeps you informed of the progress of the installation. It typically takes only a few minutes to complete.

Installation Progress Dialog

Once the application has completed its brief installation process, the Harmony application window will open. This confirms that the application has been successfully installed. You may click the red X in the top right corner of the window to close the Harmony application.

Harmony Window

You've now completed the software installation necessary. The Harmony application will now be used when electronic forms are presented for you to complete as part of your vendor assignments. Please contact your management company if you have any further questions.

Troubleshooting Installation Challenges

Question: I get a message "setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer."

One of the recent Internet Explorer updates attempts to identify the software you are downloading in Microsoft's database of applications. There is unfortunately no method of registering our product in this database; the database is instead automatically updated after a certain (but unknown) number of successful downloads. Because the Harmony product is relatively new and used exclusively by the real estate valuation community, it has not yet reached the number of downloads required to appear in Microsoft's database.

To work around this limitation, click the Actions button. A small dialog box will appear. Click on the Run anyway option. The Harmony installation should proceed normally.

Common Download Error